“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

—Mary Oliver

Wellness and Life Coaching
John is a board certified coach, and has been practicing Wellness and Life Coaching for individuals and groups for over 20 years.

The “Fully Alive” program (see left sidebar) integrates a deep and wide range of body/mind/spirit practices (including Qigong) with the Circle of Life program described below.

Circle of Life
Circle of Life Wellness Coaching is a comprehensive, holistic mind/body wellness coaching system. It is the only wellness coaching with a 20 year success track record—and has been medically proven to reduce healthcare costs by 57%. Circle of Life has been used in many contexts, including hospitals, universities, corporations, workplace wellness programs, fitness centers, and YMCAs.

Whether your current life challenge is weight, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, high stress, relational issues or job satisfaction—Circle of Life Wellness Coaching guides and supports you in effectively changing whatever you decide to focus on.

Wellness coaching is not therapy or “expert advice.” Rather, it begins with identifying and drawing forth your strengths, passions, and inherent wisdom. In a safe and supportive group atmosphere, you will use our refined methods to discover your many resources and strengthen your ability to sustain genuine and positive change. Once learned, these methods serve a lifetime.

I came into the Circle of Life wellness group divorced, bankrupt, and with breast cancer. I left empowered. I wrote a book, became a national speaker, and I am cancer free.”
—Bev Kirkhart, CA


  • Clarifying and attaining goals
  • Identifying true gifts and strengths
  • Mastering stress with simple practices
  • Getting well…staying well
  • Feeling more joy, passion and purpose
  • Deepening confidence… following heart’s desire


You will be fully supported in learning how to:

  • Utilize your strengths effectively
  • Re-energize with medically researched 1-5 min. self-care practices
  • Balance 12 major areas of your life
  • Navigate major life choices in a focused, healthy and supported way
  • Make skillful life changes and stop guessing what to do next

“I highly recommend John Neff as a life coach and teacher of Qigong. Through healing himself, years of study, practice, and teaching, he has become a deep well of wisdom, healing, and heart. I would trust him to guide my dearest family and friends.”
—Debra Chamberlin-Taylor,
psychotherapist, qigong teacher, and meditation teacher for 30 years

Circle of Life Testimonials

“Our social services, health education, nursing, OT and PT staff were trained to be Circle of Life wellness coaches. Since 1998 we utilize the Circle of Life process in our 10-week Medical Symptom Reduction Program, which is a great success. Our biggest contract was with an insurance company who ran a pilot for 2 yrs & found their members who completed this program decreased their utilization of healthcare benefits by 57%. So other insurance companies followed their decision to cover. We have woven it in to all of our support group activities for patients and use it as a component of our staff wellness program, and is also being used in our community outreach programming.”
—Dr. Michael Harris,
Medical Director, St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR

“At 49 I was at risk for a heart attack because my cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress levels were all dangerously high. At my work Circle of Life coaching group I learned how to turn my health and stress around. In 6 months, I lost 50lbs, lowered my BP by 9 points and am in better mental and physical health than I was at age 29!”
—F. Ochoa, Police Officer, NY

“I was first introduced to Circle of Life wellness coaching 16 years ago. I found it to be an intriguing and comprehensive approach to coaching and support for making profound lifestyle changes. At the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, we are using this model for an Internet-based personal health and wellness tool that is available throughout the University and public.”
—Mary Jo Kreitzer PhD, RN,
Director of Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota

“Through our Circle of Life work wellness coaching sessions, I made breakthroughs in 3 key areas of my life. I increased my income by 20% even in an economic downturn, turned two draining work relationships into more energizing ones, and added daily 1 -3 min self-care practices that greatly reduce my stress, keep me healthier and more creative.”
—Allison Keller, Bank Financial Adviser, AZ

“Circle of Life wellness coaching is so effective because inherent in the process is support for envisioning and achieving goals. I have witnessed group members make monumental changes in their lives that they had previously thought impossible. I wish I had had the Circle of Life 20 years ago.”
—Lois Annich,
Wellness Coordinator, Lutheran Chaplaincy Service, Cleveland, OH

“My Circle of Life coach saved my life—I mean it, literally and figuratively! I was a participant of one of the cancer support groups. I worked with my coach individually as well. At the most intensely scary and devastating time in my life, my coach helped me access healing of my soul. She taught me empowering self- healing methods”
—Pete Cleary, Participant in The Circle of life, PA

“I highly recommend any training using the Circle of Life coaching system for peak performance, wellness and stress resiliency. This program is truly top-rated and energizing for teams and individuals. It was the end of a long day and our employees wanted more!”
—Chris Byrne,
Assistant Vice President Operations, Dean Witter Inc, Santa Barbara, CA

“I was an unfulfilled plumber who had several addictions. With encouraging support of my Circle of Life coach, at age 45, I went back and got my education, and have fulfilled my purpose and passion of being a successful and addiction-free therapist. Now I support others to be healthy, on purpose and addiction free!”
—Jim Clarke, CA

“From the day I walked in clinic and met with my Circle Wellness coach, my whole life began to turn around. At 6 ft. I weighed 135 lbs, was in tremendous physical pain, on heavy meds and feeling hopeless. My coach took me through the Circle of Life process and helped me focus on what I could do to create the life I wanted. Instead of almost ending my life at 20, I am now weigh 180, I’m strong, healthy, became PT and now employed a fulfilled life purpose and helping others!”
—J. Bradley, Participant in The Circle of Life, CA

“I have taught Health 101 at Southwestern College and have witnessed some amazing transformations in short periods of time using the Circle of Life coaching. One lady left her abusive boyfriend, another became a loving mother before her daughter would be taken away from her, several students with gambling problems sought help, people repaired relationships etc.”
—Anna Solis, MPH San Diego, CA

“I was newly divorced, bankrupt – with breast cancer. I not only have been cancer free for 9 years, I have fulfilled many life dreams. I published a book, and am now a national speaker. My Circle of Life coaching group for recovering cancer patients was a catalyst and support for my total life transformation. I witnessed and supported all the women in their life & healing process.”
—Beverly Kirkhart, Santa Barbara, CA
Coauthor & National Spokesperson for Chicken Soup for the Cancer
Author of My Healing Companion, National Spokesperson