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Healing Stories: Qigong

Several of John’s students talk about their experiences with Qigong (chee-kung).

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Zara Wallace

Qigong always makes me feel better! It brings emotional balance and connection to Source… (more…)

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Kore Williams

“I arrived at my first class with John in tears and wept through the entire session. (more…)

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Kathleen Waters

Qigong reconnects me to my body!

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Gary Turchin

“I leave every class feeling like I’ve had a psychic shower, (more…)

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Debra Chamberlin-Taylor

“After 20 years of crushing fatigue, pain, insomnia, multiple infections, joint inflammation, multiple chemical sensitivity, and increasing hopelessness, Wisdom Healing Qigong gave me my life back. My strength, health and joy came back. I really want to help people get better and reconnect with their joy, their heart and their sense of possibilities. That is what Qigong means to me.”

—Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, psychotherapist, qigong and meditation teacher

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Megan Tucker

Qigong increased energy and strengthened my immune system

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Valerie Baldisserotto

“I came from a place of being lost. This program has become the ground and center of my life. I am feeling joy and focus. I feel like I am finally growing up. I get real succor from being here.”

—Valerie Baldisserotto, medical school student

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Rory Hayden

“The practices have allowed me to focus so much more clearly that I am achieving several of my aspirations. From that new focus and transformation has come an effortless energy that is working to achieve my goals. Finally, I have a way to integrate all these ideas and deeper desires in my life.”

—Rory Hayden, business owner/manager

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Margaret O’Brien

“A thirty-day retreat in one-day!”

—Margaret O’Brien, Catholic Sister

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Mary O’Connor

“Your program has framed my whole life at school this year. It has been the primary organizing principle and inspiration.”

—Mary O’Connor, psychotherapist

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Susan Halpern

“The effects of John’s Qigong class last for many hours, and then, when I practice Qigong again, I can, even on my own, move into the place of healing and renewing that John teaches. After class I feel lighter, connected in body mind and spirit. I move with greater calm and fluidity through the day instead of jumping from one thing to another.”

—Susan Halpern, author and psychotherapist

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David Brown

“I have moved more toward the deep connected place in my being in the 18 months of my Qigong practice than I had in my 30 years of sitting meditation. Qigong practice is meditation in slow precise movement, which seems to more effortlessly entrain my mind and allow it to relax its normal grip on consciousness. A rather delightful development for an old business type like me.

—David Brown, business executive

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Colleen Lenord

“This is a very, very healing practice in many areas of my life. It is so much healthier and integrative than the spiritual community where I spent so many years training.”

—Colleen Lenord, Director of Worship and Music at a metropolitan parish

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Carrie Miller

“These practices and the group have provided a structure, set of instructions, and support system for me to really get my life going in a direction I want it to go. I feel that I have literally transformed my life to be positive, healthy, and joyful since I began this practice.”

—Carrie Miller, legal assistant

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Jim Silva, Ph.D

“Facilitating holistic groups with John, I witnessed first-hand his uncanny ability to connect at a deep level with each participant. I have never seen anyone more gifted in this way. Working with him was a profound experience.”

—Jim Silva, Ph.D, leadership development professional

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Rev. Karen Winkel

“As someone who has now earned two masters degrees and has attended a vast number of workshops and retreats (many of them led by nationally and internationally recognized people), I can say as an educator, John has no equal; he is in a class all his own.”

—Rev. Karen Winkel, Pastor

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Juliette Hanauer

“John Neff is a wonderful Qigong teacher. In additional to his mastery of qigong, he brings his personel history with the ministry, life coaching and music to his classes. The classes integrate gentle enjoyable movement with healing relaxation. So after the class you feel energized and relaxed, but not exhausted. I organize my schedule around his classes; so as to never miss a class. I highly recommend his classes for beginners or advanced students.”

—Juliette Hanauer, documentary film producer

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Ron Stief

“I’ve never had so much energy. The classes and daily practice brought together three threads of my life—movement/meditation, exercise, and focused goal setting—that desperately needed to be tied together. I feel whole, maybe for the first time.”

—Ron Stief, executive director of Center for Social and Economic Policy

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