Change Your Brain, Your Age, Your Life

A workshop to learn about quantum neuroscience and how to:

  • Rewire your mental and emotional neural circuitry
  • Envision your desired world into being with meditation
  • Enjoy deliberate creative control of your life experience
  • Flow with gently potent qigong movement sequences
  • Discover lifelong benefits with Longevity Breathing
  • Deepen connection with your Inner Being

FREE Introduction: June 42 – 5 pm
To Wear: Loose comfortable clothing
To Bring: Yoga mat or blanket for a lying down meditation on carpeted floor
Where: Wellness Place, 609 Okanogan Ave, Wenatchee

There is a force in the universe, which if we permit it
will flow through us and provide miraculous results ~Gandhi

Online Registration on this page required—space is limited. Sign up early and reserve your space.

Fully Alive: FREE Introductory Workshop


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